About this Course

This course is your opportunity to participate in the same course as delivered to the Ethics Reviewers for Horizon2020

Horizon Europe funded research that includes AI enabling technologies is required to comply with the principles of Ethics By Design

Artificial intelligence already has a huge impact on the economy and society. This impact is expected to grow rapidly. AI technologies have many advantages and can open up new avenues for thinking about and engaging with the world. This large potential of AI for good is counterbalanced by growing concerns about ethical and human rights implications. 

In reaction to this the EU and other policy bodies are developing various policies and regulations. Within the Horizon Europe research framework programme, for example, AI is now a topic to be assessed during ethics reviews. Researchers, developers and users of AI will be asked to clarify how they will address these issues.

Ethics by Design is an approach that has been suggested as being capable of proactively addressing ethical challenges of AI. The European Commission highlights it in its ethics guidance as an appropriate response to the ethics of AI. Based on principles of value-sensitive design, ethics by design for AI is a novel approach that is expected to become a dominant way of dealing with the ethics of AI in Europe.

But how do you do ethics by design? This training course provides an overview of the concept, principles and implementation of ethics by design. It is delivered by members of the SHERPA project which played an important role in shaping the approach adopted by the European Commission. If you want to understand what ethics by design is and how it can be done, then this course is for you. 


  • Researchers, developers, technicians planing to develop or deploy AI technologies in Europe, in particular in the context of Horizon Europe
  • Other stakeholders of Horizon Europe who are involved in proposal development and project delivery, such as National Contact Points, university research administrators or consultants