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covid19-1600x900 Education

The COVID-19 world of digital education – an inclusive world?

glowingheads-1920x970 Human Rights

Exploring the Ethical Implications of AI and Big Data

free_it_policy_templates_287157809 Cybersecurity

Policy Scenarios for AI and Big Data Analytics

data-protection Smart Information Systems

Security Issues, Dangers and Implications of Smart Information Systems

tumsasedgars_0 Human Rights

Hands on Design with AI and Ethics

How-to-track-and-trace Healthcare

COVID19 Track & Trace Apps – Are they Worth the Risk?

pexels-burst-374720 Briefings

Smart Information Systems and Democracy, Freedom of Thought, Control and Manipulation

Security Briefings

SIS and Security, Dual Use, and Misuse

A European Agency for AI Briefings

A European Agency for AI: Terms of Reference

pexels-pixabay-158826 Human Rights

Smart Information Systems and Ethics: Protecting Human Rights

big-data-helping-to-save-environment Agriculture

Smart Information Systems and The Environment

bfd2e434d6cd061e63b23be41ff4715d Briefings

SIS, Accountability and Liability

data-protection Briefings

SIS and Privacy and Data Protection

mind+control Briefings

Smart Information Systems and Democracy, Freedom of Thought, Control and Manipulation

Learning buddies and AI in education: what will our schools look like in 2025?

Misinformation and AI: The Face of Warfare in the 21st Century

Robots-in-education-scaled Education


AI_defense_image-1200x600 Predictive Risk Intelligence


robotsenior2 Healthcare

Mimicking Technologies

download Predictive Risk Intelligence

Predictive Policing

What are the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Cybersecurity?

Does Data Provide the Solution to Future Agriculture?

Mar20_26_996742098 Briefings

Smart Information Systems and the Digital Divide

d1092dcb6158c3fcc8ced99bb0c7f775_XL Briefings

How Social Media Data is Used to Predict Risk

Romeo-An-Intelligent-French-Robot-To-Help-Elderly-With-Daily-Tasks-15 Briefings

Dignity, Robots and Care for the Elderly

Robot-Rights-image Briefings

The Rights of Robots

Concept of Customer Relationship Management - vector illustration Briefings

How Data is used in CRM strategies

smart-cities-begin-to-embrace-digital-rights-for-personal-privacy-and-data-protection_1500 Briefings

How Data is used in Smart Cities

-fs-Tablet-Agriculture-2018.xl Agriculture

How Data may Improve Farming

healthcare-01-01 Briefings

Smart Information Systems and Health

Does AI Make Cities Smart?

download Case Studies

Ethics of Using Smart City AI and Big Data: The Case of Four Large European Cities

2019-11-04-GettyImages-1003444920 Case Studies

Ethical Implications of Predictive Risk Intelligence

wireless_network_internet_of_things_iot_thinkstock_853701554-100739367-large Case Studies

The Internet of Things and Ethics

1__JKExuLZvrWmmmGVpE_Dxg Case Studies

Customer Relation Management, Smart Information Systems and Ethics

SmartGrid_1000px-600x344 Case Studies

Smart Grids and Ethics

life-insurance-istock_fb Case Studies

Insurance, Smart Information Systems and Ethics

download Case Studies

Smart Information Systems in Cybersecurity

download Agriculture

Agricultural SIS and Ethics: A Case Study