The SHERPA Vision : Ethics as integral to excellence in AI

A world where excellent AI and smart information systems support human flourishing by

  • integrating ethical concerns by design, and
  • safeguarding human rights

Achieving this vision will benefit individuals and consumers, and strengthen trust in AI systems.

These pages explain the SHERPA project recommendations to achieve this vision.

Recommendations to achieve this vision...

These recommendations aim to ensure that ethical and human rights issues of AI are recognised and addressed. They are based on the work of the EU project SHERPA. They are based on the view of AI as a set of overlapping ecosystems. In order to steer these ecosystems, three main conditions should be fulfilled:

  • Concepts need to be clear and the ecosystems need to be clearly delineated

  • There must be a sustainable knowledge base of technical, but also social, ethical and legal aspects

  • Governance of AI ecosystems should set the framework and support individuals and organisations

These three groups of recommendations each contain several individual recommendations as outlined here.