Mimicking Technologies

In the year 2025, such technologies are becoming commonplace. With an ageing population, European governments are finding it increasingly challenging to provide social services and assisted living facilities to all those in need. The situation is becoming harder for those whose partner dies. The following scenario has been designed around this vignette.

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Smart Information Systems and Health

Our health and health care are interrelated with the growing use and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Information Systems (SIS) in general. SIS contribute to extending the length and enhancing the quality of life of patients through, for example wearable technology for health purposes and AI developments which have contributed to advancements in health research. However, accessing the right to health entails providing data in, for example, patient electronic health records, insurance claims and pharmacy prescriptions, rendering medical big data a particularly rich but sensitive type. SHERPA, recognising the contributions SIS can make to health and health care but also the vulnerabilities that exist in relation to AI, dedicated a chapter on SIS and Health which provides a short overview of current legal instruments related to health, positive and negative aspects emanating from the interplay between health and SIS, as well as ideas on desired performance levels of SIS in the realm of health.

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