Shaping the Ethical Dimensions of Smart Information Systems

a European Perspective

What are the ethical and human rights implications of Smart Information Systems?

SHERPA is an EU-funded project which analyses how AI and big data analytics impact ethics and human rights. In dialogue with stakeholders, the project is developing novel ways to understand and address these challenges to find desirable and sustainable solutions that can benefit both innovators and society.

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Case Studies

Read these 10 case studies to get an understanding of real world applications of SIS technologies and the potential ethical issues.

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New technology benefits individuals & society. It also challenges our notions of what is ethical. Three H2020 projects join forces will improve ethical, human rights & legal frameworks: SHERPA, PANELFIT and SIENNA. We look at the ethical, legal and human rights questions that information & communication technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and smart information systems raises, for example in relation to data commercialization, cybersecurity and consent

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