SHERPA is different from other research projects. Since the beginning, we have involved artists and animators to help us push the boundaries of the concepts we are working on. SHERPA Artist Tijmen Schep has been tasked to do exactly this with his series of conceptual art pieces. 

Over the course of the project, Tijmen has created a series of SHERPA Pieces to support the work the researchers have done. The aim for SHERPA Pieces is to provoke you to think about these issues in a new way, and to reach a larger audience. Tijmen urges you to explore what the world would be like if it were full of Smart Information Systems driven by AI and Big Data.

The SHERPA Pieces

Smart Guns

What if the guns of the world were ‘smart’? This means they can be programmed using a built in camera and facial detection software  to figure out who they are pointed at and to shoot only certain demographics such as only baby boomers? Or cats? The options are up to the holder.

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How Normal Am I?

An interactive documentary about face recognition software. Take the quiz that uses algorithms to determine how normal you are.

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Our homes, and the places we visit, are increasingly filled with 'Smart Information Systems' and smart devices such as Alexa. What could these places look like if we made privacy by design the top priority?

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Technology Optimist Quiz

Are you a technology optimist? Answer the questions and we'll tell you what your blind spots may be.

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