What is the role of the SHERPA Stakeholder Board?

Every project has its blind spots and limits of knowledge. Therefore it is essential to work together with independent stakeholders who bring in their expertise and contribute to all activities of the project.

This is primarily done by the SHERPA stakeholder board which is a permanent body throughout the project. We have gathered 30 experts from 13 countries with a great variety of different backgrounds and perspectives. We are happy to be supported by representatives from companies as well as representatives from Civil Society Organizations, Policy, Professional bodies, and renowned research institutes. We have members representing the HLEG (High-level expert group) and the EGE (European Group on Ethics) or Google and SAP or the Big Data Alliance – and even the police.

And there are even more stakeholder activities. SHERPA is proud to be a project that works empirically as well. In interviews with experts in the field valuable information was collected to gauge the ethics and human rights issues that are posed by Smart Information System from a standpoint of everyday professional life as well. On top of this, our findings are also tested by an additional large network of stakeholders that can participate in some of the activities of the project such as the Online Survey.
Together, they help us to guarantee that the recommendations for policy action are adequate and applicable.