What is the future of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data? SHERPA’s upcoming scenario workshops

Scenarios form a crucial element of  the SHERPA project as they demonstrate future projections and applications of SIS technologies in the next 5 years.

In order to carry out this foresight research, scenario workshops will be critical to gaining the expertise necessary.

The upcoming scenario workshops are listed as follows:

AI in Defence in Brussels, Belgium (17-18 Sept)

AI in Education in Brussels, Belgium (17-18 Sept)

AI in Law Enforcement in Enschede, Netherlands (25-26 Sept)

AI in Transport in Enschede, Netherlands (25-26 Sept)

Is your area of expertise linked and you think you would be an asset to the discussion?

Are you an AI technologist, domain practitioner, ethicist or policy-maker interested in the aforementioned topics; we would love for you to join the discussion!

Please do not hesitate to contact Tally at tally.hatzakis@trilateralresearch.com to attend a workshop.

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