What Do You Want the Future of AI and Big Data to Look Like

Researchers invite public comment on five artificial intelligence scenarios set in the year 2025

Artificial intelligence is already having a major impact on our lives, society and economy. AI has raised many issues related to privacy, data protection, discrimination, autonomy, power asymmetries, and fairness, among others, but what will AI be doing in six years from now, in 2025? What measures should policymakers be adopting to make sure we reach a desired future and avoid an undesired one?
To speculate about our AI-infused society in 2025, the EU-funded SHERPA project convened a series of workshops that led to the development of five scenarios on technologies that mimic people, information warfare, driverless cars, predictive policing and learning buddy robots. Each scenario introduces the technologies and applications that may be available in 2025, a brief vignette to illustrate how the technologies or applications may be used, their ethical, legal, social and economic impacts, and the recommendations to reach a desired future and avoid an undesired one.
The workshops brought together a wide range of stakeholders from academia, industry, civil society organisations, the media, regulators, educationalists, technologists, cybersecurity experts and artists to brainstorm on these five different areas and what the future might hold for us.
The SHERPA project is now inviting members of the public to review the scenarios and offer their comments too on our AI-future. The result of the scenarios is a set of recommendations to policymakers.
The SHERPA project is co-ordinated by De Montfort University (UK) with consortium partners Trilateral Research (UK), Twente University (NL), European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EUREC, DE), University of Central Lancashire in Cyprus (CY), the StichtingNederlandsNormalisatieInstituut (NEN, the Dutch standards body), Mutual Shoots (UK), Aequitas Human Rights, (CY), F-Secure (FI), the European Business Summit, (BE), and Pineapple Jazz (NL).
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