Oct 14, 2020 10:00 AM BST

The SHERPA project explores deeper insights into the use of Smart Information Systems (i.e., the combination of artificial intelligence and big data analytics).

SHERPA’s next webinar covers an issue that is increasingly relevant in all of our lives: COVID tracking and tracing. Many countries in the EU and around the world have developed and released mobile phone applications and other data-collecting mechanisms to help users track their symptoms, track the disease, and identify clusters. The webinar showcases 3 aspects of tracking and tracing applications namely the technical, ethical, and social aspects.

Webinar Archive

Every 6 months, the SHERPA project will organise a webinar around one of the key project outputs.
The webinars showcase project experts who will discuss outputs such as case studies, scenarios and ethics guidelines. Each webinar includes a short presentation of about 20 minutes followed by a question and answer portion in which you will be asked to provide your feedback or comments.

Interested in SHERPA? Register for our next webinar visit this link.  The next webinar to be held in February 2020 will discuss Security issues.

Did you miss our previous webinars? Watch the previous webinar videos below.

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