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    Rowena Rodrigues is a Research Manager at Trilateral Research and has contributed in various capacities to EU research projects (e.g., EU privacy seals, IRISSPULSE, SATORITITANIUM) and she is currently the deputy co-ordinator of the SIENNA project. Her areas of expertise include privacy and data protection (law, policy and practice), privacy certification, security and surveillance, comparative legal analysis, regulation of new technologies, ethics and governance of new and emerging technologies, ethical impact assessment, and responsible research & innovation. She has carried out legal and policy research specifically related to data privacy and technology, and provides regulatory, industry and policy advice on EU data protection law (including the General Data Protection Regulation). Rowena has published book chapters in Policy Press, Routledge, Springer and articles in journals such as the Computer Law & Security ReviewInnovation:The European Journal of Social Science ResearchInternational Data Privacy Law, International Review of Law, Computers and TechnologyJournal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Journal of Contemporary European Research and Science and Engineering Ethics. She is co-editor of Privacy and Data Protection Seals (TMC Asser/Springer 2018). Rowena holds a PhD in law from the University of Edinburgh.

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