Professor Philip BreyUniversity of Twente

    Philip Brey is full professor of philosophy and ethics of technology within the department of philosophy at UT, and its former chair. He is also scientific director of 4TU.Ethics, a research centre in ethics of technology that comprises 60 researchers from four universities, and president of the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT). He has published extensively in the areas of ethics of science and technology, social and political philosophy, and responsible research and innovation, with a particular focus on information technologies. For several information technologies technologies, he was one of the first to study their ethical implications, including social media, virtual reality, care robots, smart surveillance systems, intelligent environments, brain implants, and 3D printing. He has introduced novel approaches for the ethical study of new and emerging technologies, including the structural ethics approach for studying ethical implications of social and technological structures, and the anticipatory technology ethics (ATE) approach for assessing ethical implications of new and emerging technologies. He has led a NWO Vici project for outstanding researchers (2006-2012), which has resulted in over 100 peer-reviewed publications. He is a former president of the Society for Philosophy and Technology and a member of the editorial board of eleven leading journals and book series in his field. Brey currently leads the FP7 SATORI project that aims to develop a European framework for the ethical assessment of research and technological innovation, and will lead the Horizon 2020 SIENNA project starting this fall, a project on ethical and human rights aspects of emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence & robotics, human enhancement and human genomics.

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