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    Angelo Napolano is Communications and Marketing Manager at Trilateral Research. He works on the marketing strategy and communications plan for the organisation and Trilateral commercial products. He also supports Trilateral research teams in promoting their work and leads the dissemination, exploitation and communications of various EC- funded projects.

    Angelo is a communication professional who has worked in the cultural sector, scientific organisations, research and innovation gaining extensive experience in external communications, media relations and digital marketing strategy. He has worked in the programming and promotion of public engagement programmes within leading national and international organisations and consortia.

    Angelo has worked on the programming of public engagement events with a focus both on data science and social science. Most recently he has organised the talks Health Data: Fit or Failing, as part of the data debates series 2017/2018 at The British Library, and Cultural Identities and Stereotype Threat as part of the Bloomsbury festival 2016. Alongside his communication background, Angelo has developed research in philosophy of language. He has published the book Fictional Names. A critical study of some theories not committed to the existence of fictional entities. He has been invited to international conferences on the interface between semantics and philosophy.

    Angelo holds an MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, a BA and MA in Philosophy from the University of Milan and a degree in Dramaturgy from the “Paolo Grassi” Academy of Dramatic Arts, Milan.

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