Andreas AndreouAequitas

    Andreas Andreou is a Project Manager at Aequitas, a Human Rights Organisation in Cyprus. He has experience in Erasmus+, Horizon, UNDEF and Anna Lindh Foundation projects on human rights, peace education, democracy and intercultural dialogue. He is also interested and actively involved in the developments regarding the monitoring of online hate speech and he participates with Aequitas in the monitoring exercise of the European Commission, following the adoption of the Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online. He is a trained human rights education trainer. He holds a BA Humanities from the University of Essex and an LLM Master of Laws from the University of Central Lancashire Cyprus. His BA dissertation was on the right to conscientious objection and it won the 2013 Dissertation Prize from the Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities from the University of Essex. His LLM Dissertation was on Homophobic and Transphobic Speech and he evaluated the international, European and Cypriot legal framework. Andreas is the author of the research book ‘Berengaria, The Hotel of the Kings’(iWrite, 2010).

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