Declan Brady

Interest in SIS Development of the IT Profession is a strategic pillar for CEPIS. A key aspect of this is the creation, development and availability of tools and supports necessary to assist IT [...]


Zuzanna Warso

Interest in SIS In my work I focus on the interaction between human rights and new technologies. The development and use of Smart Information Systems have a significant impact on human rights of [...]


Maria de Kleijn

Interest in SIS Ethical development of Artificial Intelligence; decision support systems; gender equality Position Senior Vice President, Analytical Services Homepage http://www.elsevier.com


Yoan Miche

Interests in SIS Nokia Bell Labs Cyber Security Research is always looking for security matters in novel industrial use cases, as well as application areas for the technologies we develop within [...]


Virginia Dignum

Biography Virginia Dignum is Professor of Social and Ethical Artificial Intelligence at University of Umeå in Sweden and associated with the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Her [...]

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