SHERPA Advocacy Event held in Brussels on 5 March

On 5 March 2020, the SHERPA Project hosted its second advocacy private lunch. The lunch was organised by the European Business Summits at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. SHERPA Coordinator and Director for the Centre of Computing and Social Responsibility at De Montford University, Bernd Stahl presented to a group of 14 participants working in the fields of  Education, Policy (Permanent Representations, Associations and National Research Councils), Cybersecurity and more from Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Romania and Belgium. Participants were excited by the project and interesting discussions about AI and ethics followed over lunch. The event was part of the Advocacy platform, aimed at creating a lasting impact from the project outputs,  that began in October 2019 and will run to the end of the project.

SHERPA is working together to create new guidelines for the development of ethical Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. Are you interested in the SHERPA project? Join the network through the website.
Are you a policymaker interested in the advocacy mandate of the project? Contact Anya Gregory at for more information.