Questioning Equitable AI in Public Health

SHERPA Coordinator, Professor Bernd Stahl presented the SHERPA Project as a part of a 2-day event focused on Equitable AI in Public Health on the 7 – 8 November in Toronto (Canada).  The keynote presentation was aimed to suggest ways of classifying ethical issues arising from AI and applying this classification to public health. Professor Stahl tackled the question of “whether and to what degree existing remedies, ranging from codes of conduct or standardisation to legislation and regulation already address these issues.”

The second day of the event raised many questions on the numerous types of issues, problems and challenges faced when looking at AI, equity and public health. What remained clear was that future research on AI in the area of health above all needs to remain vigilant with regards to equity issues. The question should also be considered: “Whether investment in AI is the optimal use of research and other funds or whether societal concerns, such as equity in public health, are better served by promoting other means.”

The event was sponsored by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Planning Grant (CIHR).