‘How Normal Am I’ is Virtually Exhibited at Dutch Design Week

Between the 17th and 25th of October, Dutch Design Week returns. This time, however, the entire event has been moved online. The SHERPA Project is contributing to this event, this time as part of their exhibit on privacy called Privacy in the Age of New Intimacy.

This year we’re contributing our recently released interactive documentary about face recognition technology, “How Normal Am I ?”. Especially for Dutch Design Week, SHERPA’s artist Tijmen has created a virtual guided tour that walks visitors through his experience of creating a Body Mass Prediction algorithm. You can learn a lot more about the seven ratios that are calculated from your face’s features, as well as what data was used to train the machine learning model.

Once Dutch Design Week has officially opened you will be able to visit the exhibit here. Tijmen will also host chat sessions about the project, so if you have burning questions about the project, this is your chance. Details can be found on the exhibit’s webpage.

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