Ethics of AI – The SHERPA project chairs panel in London’s Connected World Summit

Does surveillance and data collection mean an erosion of privacy? What formal regulation and policy is required as smart cities develop? To what extent should private companies lead urban transformation? Is involving the public from an early stage the key to technological innovation?

These are but some of the questions to be discussed in the Panel – The Ethics of AI as we Move from Smart Cities to Open Cities chaired by Tally Hatzakis, Trilateral Research at the Connected World Summit in London, 22-23 October 2019.

The summit will provide the perfect opportunity for SHERPA to engage in ethical debate about AI with industry executives, entrepreneurs and investors actively involved with emerging technologies for Smart Cities, connected places and all things digital for tomorrow’s world.

The Connected World Summit attracts over 150 visionary thought-leaders who share their experiences and explore how to unlock the value of new technologies in today’s connected society.
Join SHERPA and the industry’s most progressive professionals to discuss the impact of new and emerging technologies on our cities, homes and communities:
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About Connected World Summit

The Leading Event for the Smart Living Ecosystem
In today’s hyper-connected society, new technologies are disrupting every aspect of our lives, our work, and our environment.
Now in its 5th year, Connected World 2019 will deep dive into the future of smart technologies, showcasing the digital transformation strategies of our cities, the opportunities for connected living in our homes, new era of connectivity and revolutionary techniques on the horizon, driving efficiencies and sustainability across every aspect of our lives.
Discover the future of smart cities, connected places & tomorrow’s digital world at Connected World Summit 2019 taking place at The Business Design Centre in London on 22nd/23rd October.
2 days of the event will see 1000+ attendees, 150+ speakers, 50+ exhibitors.
The conference programme focusses on 6 main themes: Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Utilities and Environment, Smart Mobility, Connectivity and the Economy and provides an essential platform for learning as well as discussing the opportunities of connected technology with industry experts and leaders in technology.

For more information on the event, please visit: