COVID-19: exit strategies and the role of ethical health apps

From our partner NEN.
The EU and many national authorities are beginning initiatives to support COVID lockdown exit strategies through standards-compliant mobile data and apps. The privacy of the proposed technical solutions is getting a lot of attention. However, next to privacy it is also important that the app is useful, safe, transparent, and accessible using robust technologies before users could be convinced about using the app.  The expert group working on EN-ISO TS 82304-2 ‘Health informatics – Part 2 Health and wellness apps – Quality and reliability’ is defining the criteria. SHERPA inspired the group for the development of its ethical and social impact criteria. The group shares a preview of the working draft: the chapter on the quality criteria.
Read the full document on NEN’s webpage.
Please note: that this is a working draft and we are still developing it and including a conformity assessment procedure. If you are interested to jointly improve the document please contact NEN or your national standardization body.