Candle Nominated for Dutch Privacy Awards

How can we convince the privacy industry to explore a more ethical direction?  Artist Tijmen Schep (Pineapple Jazz) believes that one way is to translate SHERPA’s insights and suggestions into practical examples. In his experience as a teacher, building prototypes is a great way to quickly explore and convey ideas since many people are practical thinkers who learn best by example.

The Candle project aimed to show that an ethical smart home could be built. The project applied SHERPA’s research to move Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway in this privacy-focused direction. Among other things, a plugin called Voco (based on Snips) was developed which makes fully local voice control possible. That means users of Mozilla’s software are able to control their home without relying on Google or Amazon’s cloud-based services.
Recently, Candle was nominated for the Dutch Privacy Awards, and its jury has selected the project as a finalist. The awards ceremony, where the project will be presented once more, takes place on 28 January 2020. Keep your fingers crossed for the Candle Project!

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