Candle makes waves at Dutch Design Week and on Reddit

Candle, the privacy-friendly smart home project, was launched at the Dutch Design Week (70000 visitors) a few weeks ago. The project’s local voice control features were made possible with Sherpa’s support, and the ethical design reflects the AI guidelines the SHERPA project has been working on (and will be released at a future date).

The project was reported on by numerous online outlets (even in Japan), and we’re proud of the positive attention we got on important technology news sites like Slashdot and Hackaday. Most heartwarming were the responses to posts on Reddit, such as:

Redditors also picked up on the ethical design, with the top voted responses being about the notion that smart devices should be able to “lie” and generate fake data. Stories of smart homes being too restricting on psychological development are increasing, and similar anecdotes were heard in the discussion:

If you’d like to see the Candle project first hand you still can. It is currently exhibited in Amsterdam, which will be shown at Bright Day (20.000 visitors) as part of the “best of Dutch Design Week” Exhibition. Then it’s on to the ThingsCon conference on IoT design, as well as “Brilliant”, a new Dutch TV show that showcases inventions for a better world.
Check out the other SHERPA Art pieces on the SHERPA Pieces website.