SHERPA’s Candle featured in VPRO Tegenlicht

SHERPA’s artist in residence Tijmen Schep developed a prototype smart home called Candle that shows how data could be kept within the home, and how these smart home systems can also run AI fully locally. For example, unlike other smart home systems, Candle has completely local voice control.

It’s an example of ‘edge first’ design, where a lot of the issues around AI (such as profiling by data brokers) can be avoided by simply never sending data to the cloud in the first place. Many AI services that target the home, such as security cameras that can detect faces, or smart mirrors that can detect health issues, could just as easily be run locally.

The project has recently gotten the attention of Dutch broadcaster VPRO, which is well known for it’s “Tegenlicht” (“Backlight”) series of documentaries. It is our pleasure to announce that on the 18th of October, Candle’s abilities will be shown off in the episode “retake your data“, directed by Alexander Oey. If you are based in the Netherlands or have access to Dutch broadcasts, check it out!

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