Advocating for Ethical Smart Information Systems

The SHERPA Project, now in its 17th month, has entered the advocacy phase. The European Business Summit (EBS), a Brussels-based event organizer, will lead the work and advocate the SHERPA project deliverables towards the EU and national decision-makers.

The SHERPA advocacy objective is to achieve a lasting impact, facilitating effective policy actions and paving the way for socially acceptable, desirable and sustainable smart information systems (SIS). Through regular bilateral meetings and correspondence with senior policy-makers, the SHERPA project will advocate towards implementing the project’s recommendations in the future policies and regulatory frameworks addressing the ethical and legal challenges of SIS.

The official advocacy kick-off will take place on 7 November 2019 at the Think Digital Conference in Brussels. This unique annual event entitled “Towards a Human Centric Digital Transformation”, brings together senior policy-makers, business experts and civil society representatives to discuss key issues facing Europe’s digital future. Professor Laurence Brooks from De Montfort University will speak on behalf of the SHERPA consortium at the “Ethics in AI” session. In addition, EBS will host a private briefing for key policy-makers in order to discuss the SHERPA policy recommendations in more detail.